Los Angeles Valley Junior College - Photographer of the year

Nominated for Pulitzer Prize for “Raindrops” photo.

Nominated for Pulitzer Prize
in Spot News for a photo of babies that died from heat exposure in a closed car.

Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles - 1st  Place, feature photo • 3rd  Place, feature photo

Orange County Press Photographers Association - Photographer of the Year

California Press Photographer Association - Photographer of the year-clip contest
Footnote: The contest was very tight with the top five winners from the very start but Ken aggressively pursued spot news which helped put him on top. No other L.A. Times photographer had won this award. With so much emphasis on contests, Ken felt the focus of his photography was changing.  Hence, his parting comment,  “No more contests!”

Throughout his career, Hively covered a variety of assignments that led him through the tip of Barrow, Alaska, to rural Mexico. He has documented human triumph, from open-heart surgery to presidential elections, to Olympic events, as well as the tragedy of death. The strength of his work lies in the multitude of ways it can be approached and appreciated. Hively’s artistic energy is fueled by spontaneity and intuition.