"I just got back into town and was catching up on back reading when I was knocked out by one of the best photos I've seen in years - Ken Hively's portrait of Sam Raimi. As stylistically complex as a Karsh portrait with Hitchcock's menace, the photo masterfully evokes the formal rigor and psychological complexity that Raimi captures in his film. Please consider a full noir-rish portrait series of other auteurs by Mr. Hively. This one really rocks."
- Kerry Kugelman

"You always have been a huge inspiration to me, from the way your images so wonderfully capture the humorous side of life to your beautiful lighting, exquisite portraits, features, etc. nobody does it better."
- Mel Melcon

Response to Judith Freeman photograph. “I don’t recall the last time that I spent as much time looking at a photograph as I did reading the article; it is a visual biography. Its balance and line bring to mind artists Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth, and its insightfulness, John Singer Sargent. It is quintessentially American and remarkable. Mr. Hively is an artist, and his photograph is beautiful.”
- Fred Applegate

“Dear Ken, How thrilled to read the L.A. Times this morning after the Golden Globes! Wow, I bought 20 copies, No Joke. Thank you so much for taking such a glam Hollywood photo of such a dog like me.”
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"You have a way of always getting more from your subjects and from the PR folks than seems humanly possible under the circumstances...and you cut straight to the core of the actor's personalities...that's so hard to do! I envy your ability to stretch your assignments to the absolute max and beyond. And I follow your work with anticipation."
- Liz Baylen

“Dear Ken, Thanks for the photo. It’s a beauty. All the best. Hef.”
- Hugh Hefner

"Your calm, cool, creativity and style is evident long before I see your byline...Your body of work is punctuated by one great picture after another, each memorable. From portraits of Ansel Adams, Jack Lemmon and Ted Danson to decades of great work."
- Mark Boster